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Nation-wide Ophthalmic Distributors of State-of-the-Art Ophthalmic Products with a team of more than 40 Sales and Service Personnel & 20+ local stockists, engineering service setups in more than 5 cities & widely based Technicians. A very unique product portfolio from day-to-day consumables, Intraocular Lens Implants & Hi tech Diagnostic Equipment. A history of more than 25 years in Business with lowest man power turnover enjoying trust repute & position.

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Rayner Surgical India Private Limited

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Rayner Surgical India Private Limited
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Rayner Surgical India Private Limited
Rayner Surgical India Private Limited

E-15 Everest, Tardeo, Mumbai 400034. India

Tel: +91.22.4002 6068 / 3511 4278 | Email: adminindia@rayner.com

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In case of any grievance as regards misuse of processing of your PI and SPI in a time bound manner, please contact Rujita Redij (“Grievance Officer”) at rujita@surgicon.in. The Grievance Officer shall redress your grievances expeditiously not later than one (1) month from the date of the grievance.

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